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Android lollipop is .... O my god, dear google. WTF

When I saw a new update for my new smartphone Sony Xperia m2, I was so surprised. I was excited. :D

 But I made a bigger mistake of my life. I downloaded it a start install. I install a new update of android lollipop 5.1.1 from Sony corp. It takes a long time, but everything was good. And my device, my smart got a new android system. Yes! Yeah! Unfortunately I lost icons of some applications in device menu. But I saw two icons of photo aplication - Photos.

 It takes me a long time to manage aplications, install updates of every aplication, which I got installed in my device. Android kitkat 4.4.4 doesn´t support microSD card, there is a problem with third part applications using microSD cards. And the internal storrage is full. There is a few place for updates a uselessly fat applications, which got a lots of megabytes. Why dear #GOOGLE? It cost me a sea of time, but I did it! Every app was manually updated, and finally I see every icon of every installed app in device menu. Finally. I am satisfied!

 I start GPS aplications like is c:geo and Locus Pro, today. And android lollipop "... show must go on"! There is a no way to use this device like a navigation. My Sony Xperia m2 got a problem with gps signal! Is it possible? New smartphone is worst than a Samsung S2? I thought that nothing could be "worstest" than this Samsung! But it should be. Google with android would prove anything.

U can use microSD cards like a jewel, like an unusable thing! Now u got a brick, unusefull smartphone, just a papperweight. U can´t navigate, use your smartphone like a car navigation, use it to find a geocache ... Every few seconds U lost a gps signal. Terrible!

 I drive from Martin to Zilina, when I was almost in Zilina, I saw, that I was still in Vrutky? What the f**k? The same mistake I saw in LocusPro aplication. Four times lost a gps signal during a few minutes! Terrible!

 Where the google comunist make a mistake? Where they make a mistake? Every new version of android operating system is worst than old one. I know it! It is dejavu. I think that it is like windows in computers. Don´t u? What is your opinion? I got right? U got the same experiences? I think that yes.

 I am not a paranoic, but .... Google corp. made a cartel deal with Garmin, TomTom, Mio etc. corp.?


For more information click on: Poor gps signal
I see that I am not alone
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